welcome to your inner sanctuary


Please note:
I will be taking a break from offering healing sessions from February-July 2024 to create space to give birth to two sweet babies.


Hello, beautiful soul.
My name is Kassie.
I am honored you're considering including me in your personal healing journey.My own journey began in 2015, catalyzed by suffering a life on crutches for almost 2 years. I experienced recurring knee injuries, chronic pain, and no medical intervention - including surgeries - seemed to make a change.At that time I was fully immersed in the world of science and academia - completing my Masters in Environmental Toxicology.The despair that arose through my inability to walk without pain brought me to a turning point in my life, where I opened to a new perspective - one I had never learned about in the modern medical system.I discovered the power of natural healing, working with our body's natural energy system to clear old emotional energy from the body.Within just days of my first energy healing session, I was walking without pain - and within just a couple of months, I was back to running and doing all of my regular activities.This was fall of 2017, and I am happy to say I've been without knee issues or pain since.Since this miraculous healing, I have been diving deep into the mental, emotional & energetic realms of healing - discovering what we hold onto, and carry forward, from past experiences.I began to see that so many of us are hard on ourselves, and deny ourselves the deep acceptance our heart craves for.I hold space for you to dissolve the harshness and judgments you hold toward yourself, and allow them the space to melt into compassion and acceptance, bringing deep and lasting healing on all levels.When we do this, we remember that we are already whole - no longer trying to "fix" or "shame" our way to change, but through our own loving kindness, we naturally unravel unhealthy patterns to reveal more of our true essence - joyful and radiant.We truly can learn to live in harmony with ourselves, yet so many of us aren't sure how.By allowing full space for our humanness to exists, flaws and all, we discover a magical sweet spot - where we finally connect to our truest and most authentic power.You begin to live in integrity with yourself - learning to honour, love and value yourself in all areas of your life - with an unwavering strength where you can finally live with deep fulfilment and reverence for this life.


Energy Healing & Cacao

We begin with grounding in with Ceremonial Cacao, in a sacred ritual that invites the body and mind to relax, and the energy centers of the body to open to receive.We will call in energetic support, and welcome in your intentions for the session.I then begin the energy healing, where I use my hands to work with the energy centers of the body, clearing any energetic blockages and bringing new light into these spaces.Exchange: $144 for 90 min session
Energy Healing Session without Cacao: $111 for 60 min session


Group Cacao Ceremony

Cacao works to calm the nervous system and bring us into a deeper state of peace - that is, connected to an open heart. Cacao increases blood circulation, enhances digestion, increases your energy level and deepens your connection to your energetic body.This deepening connection to your own energy body & heart, along with gentle relaxation of the mind, allows a deeper spiritual connection to emerge. In meditation, you may be able to actually feel energy moving through your body, and a deeper connection to source energy.I have the honor of working with ceremonial-grade Cacao that comes from family-owned farms in Peru (Chuncho Cacao) & Guatemala (Criollo Cacao). I work closely with KAKAO, a non-profit organization that works to bring sacred Cacao to people all over the world.

Private group Cacao Ceremony: $444-$555 (location dependent)
Includes 2 hour ceremony & Ceremonial-Grade Cacao for up to 10 participants
To inquire, please fill out the form below with your tentative event details (date, location, participants) or reach out to kass.rhode@gmail.com for availability.


Home Energy Cleansing & Blessing

Energy Cleansing is a process that clears old, stagnant energies from your home or office space that may be lingering from previous owners or tenants. It can also act as a reset from any challenging life circumstances & allow new energy to flow in.This clearing supports you to feel safe and peaceful in your space, to create a sanctuary where you can leave the outside world behind and experience deep rejuvenation.This session can support you if...✨ You have recently moved into a new home, apartment or office space and want to clear the energy from past owners & tenants✨ You feel sensitive to energies and want to ensure your home is a safe sanctuary where you can rest, rejuvenate and feel nourished✨ You feel tension or un-ease in your space and want to clear any heavy energies✨ You have recently gone through a life transition (break-up, job chance, illness) and want to clear the lingering energy to begin a fresh start✨ You would like the energy of your space to support connection, love, abundance, joy, creativity and success✨You would like to energetically support all those who enter your space (roommates, partners, children, pets) to feel calm and peaceful in your spaceExchange: $388 (in Vancouver area)


I can’t quite put into words how much Kassie’s compassionate, open, and accepting energy and wisdom transformed my life.My friendships began to shapeshift from ones built upon people-pleasing to ones built upon alignment and shared values. I left a romantic relationship that had turned into a space for me to show up as my worst self. My rocky relationship with my Mom began to feel less painful. My physical body began to heal.This evolution led me to a natural state of Being that is grateful, compassionate to myself and others, wide open to Life, and allows me to believe in myself like I didn’t know was possible before.- Meghan L

I can honestly say my work with Kassie has changed my life. I feel more compassion and acceptance for myself, and I am so much more connected to myself and my truth. Things are all falling into place in my life. I am so grateful!Kassie also facilitated a very powerful energy clearing in my new office space. I have no words to describe the impact that it has had in my life and in particular in my work with clients.As a psychotherapist, it is so important that the energy in my space is clear and positive for my clients and allows them to feel safe and open.
I was able to feel the shift right after the clearing. Kassie is such a powerful energy worker and healer with an enormous heart!
- Priscila C

The work that Kassie does is nothing short of phenomenal. I've had massive emotional and mindset shifts - being able to speak my truth, stand up for myself and come back into alignment with my higher self.Kassie did a beautiful energy clearing on our new home.
Our home had been lived in by different families for over 50 years, so it was important to cleanse the space for our new beginning.
Kassie facilitated a lovely energy clearing ceremony, which also brought us together to set intentions for our new space, which was so special. After the clearing, the house felt lighter, brighter and fresh! It was a lovely way to mark such a special occasion for us.
- Shauna M, CEO of Operate RemoteIt was SO powerful, I have never experienced such a thing. Thank you so much.- Shiva E,